How To Use Watch Back Opener

Learning how to use watch back opener can be an easy solution to help replacing your watch battery. Sometimes trying to pry the back off of your watch with tools such as a screwdriver can damage your watch back. Using a watch back opener is a much easier and non damaging solution to opening your watch back case. Follow these instructions for using a watch back opener to prevent from damaging your watch and to learn how to open the watch back correctly.

To use a watch back opener you need:

  • watch back opener
  • watch pad
  • soft cloth
  • 3-by-three inch paper
  1. Locate the grooves on the watch back. Turn the watch over in your hands so that the face of the watch is facing downward. Look for the opening grooves or slots around the edge of the watch back to place the watch back opener. If you can not easily located the groves run the edge of your fingernail around the area of the watch back in order to feel where the grooves are located.
  2. Use a watch pad to lay the watch on face down. This will keep from damaging the face of the watch when you apply force with the watch back opener to remove the watch back. You can also use a soft cloth to lay the watch on if you don't have a watch pad.
  3. Fold a 3-by-3 inch paper. When you fold this paper fold it into quarters. This will be used to prevent the blade on the watch back opener from scratching the watch back.
  4. Attach the watch back opener. Place the blade on the watch back opener into the grove that you've located earlier on the back of the watch. Next, place the folded 3-by-3 inch paper underneath the blade leverage point and right up against the watch back.
  5. Pry up the watch back. Use the blade of the case back opener to pry up the case back. Continue to pry up the case back until the back pops off of the watch.
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