How To Use Weight Lifting Straps

Learning how to use weight lifting straps can greatly improve your workout. Using weight lifting straps will assist with your grip on many different exercises. You will encounter a slight learning curve when using these straps. Weight lifting straps may feel clumsy and unhelpful at first; however, with some practice they will become a valuable asset when lighting weights.

  1. Place the weight lifting straps on your hand. Put your hands through the circle made by the straps. Place your palms facing upwards and position the weight lifting straps between your thumb and index finger.
  2. Tighten the strap around your wrist until it fits snugly. Avoid tightening the strap to the point where it could interfere with circulation or create an uncomfortable feeling.
  3. Utilize the weight lifting straps. Place your hands on the weight lifting bar with the straps hanging in a downward fashion. Wrap the weight lifting straps around the bar by pulling them under and back around over the bar. Rotate the bar towards you to secure and tighten the straps.
  4. Exercise as you normally would. Utilize the straps to exercise normally. Notice the added grip and security provided by the straps when exercising. Utilize the straps for many different heavy exercises, such as deadlifts.

Exercise caution when using weight lifting straps as they could cause serious injury if the weight is dropped. Loosen the straps promptly if they are creating too much pressure on your wrist.



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