How To Use A Weight Watchers Pedometer

If you are getting fit, you’ll want to know how to use a Weight Watcher pedometer. This pedometer is made to keep track of the number of steps you take in a day, the number of miles you've walke, and the time you spent walking. This level of detailed information allows you to use the pedometer to set fitness goals. Electronic motion sensors and step filter technology make the Weight Watchers pedometer as accurate as possible.

Things you'll need:

  • Weight Watchers pedometer
  1. Set the time. Press “Enter” and hold the button for three seconds. The screen will display “Set time.” Press “Up” or “Down” to select either standard or military time and press “Enter” to confirm. Now use the “Up” and “Down” buttons to set the hour and press “Enter” to confirm. Set the minutes using the “Up” or “Down” buttons and press “Enter” to confirm. Then choose “a.m.” or “p.m.” and press “Enter. The correct time should be displayed on the pedometer.
  2. Set the stride. The stride is the length of your individual step. The Weight Watchers pedometer allows you to set an individual stride but most users choose an average stride. Press “Menu” to go to the stride screen. Press “Enter” and hold for three seconds. The screen will display “Manual?” To use the average stride, press the “Down” button to “Average?” and press “Enter.” Now press the “Up” or “Down button to choose “Male” or “Female.” Now choose your height and press “Enter.” Now you will be back on the stride menu and your stride will be recorded. Press “Menu” to set your weight. Select your weight using the “Up” and “Down” keys and press Enter” to confirm. Press “Menu” to return to the Points bonus display on the pedometer.
  3. Reset the pedometer. Every night at 12:00 the points start over on the pedometer and the statistics from the day before are stored in the review section. Each week you will be asked to hit “Reset” and "Enter” to start a new week.

Use the pedometer to reach your fitness goals. You can earn bonus points for food by meeting certain goals on your pedometer. The Weight Watchers pedometer calculates this amount for you automatically.

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