How To Use A Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker

Do you need to learn how to use a Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker? The Wolfgang Puck Slow cooker is a high-quality slow cooker that can be used to make food with little effort. A slow cooker is very convenient and simple and can be a time saver to prepare food. If you have never used a slow cooker before, once you get the hang of it, you will be glad that you learned how to use one. Follow these basic instructions to help you get started with using the Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker.  

 To use a Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker you need:

  • Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker
  • meat and vegetables
  1. Prepare your food before hand. It's good to get your meat and vegetables prepared the night before, if possible. With a slow cooker, you can put the food in it in the morning and let it cook on low, and when you come back home from work or school later on in the evening, your food will be ready. A few different food ideas to cook in the Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker are soups, stews and chili.
  2. Prep your slow cooker before you use it. Using cooking spray on your slow cooker before you use it will eliminate foods from sticking to the sides as much, which will make it easier to clean it up afterwards. Another thing you can do is use plastic liners that you put into the slow cooker before you add your food. When you use a liner, after you are done cooking, you simply throw the liner away, and there is little left to clean up.
  3. Add solid vegetables first in the slow cooker. Solid vegetables such as potatoes and carrots should be added first, and then add the meat. Soft vegetables such as tomatoes should not be added until about an hour before you done cooking in your Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker to prevent them from becoming soggy. You would also add rice and pasta during the last hour as well.
  4. Fill the slow cooker with water. To allow even cooking, the slow cooker should be filled to about only two thirds full. If the water is any higher the food may be undercooked, and if it is any lower the food may end up being overcooked. Just be careful of the amount of water that you add to the slow cooker. Most meats will be very tender and moist after cooking for about eight hours on the low setting.
  5. Only lift the slow cooker lid when necessary. Taking the lid off the slow cooker too frequently can cause the heat to escape from the Wolfgang Puck Slow Cooker and then it will take time for the temperature to reheat again, thus taking even longer for your food to cook. Once your food is done cooking, eat it and enjoy. Any leftovers that you may have can be frozen to eat at a later time.
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