How To Use A Wooden Foot Massager

Learning how to use a wood foot massager is very important to getting the most intense and relaxing foot massage you can possibly get. I’m sure some people don’t realize how the feet are connected with the entire body. Getting a good foot massage can remove stress and invigorate the whole body. The feet or very sensitive there are tons of pressure points and nerve endings in the feet that can stimulate other parts of the body; so you want it done right.

To get a foot massage you will need:

  • Wood foot massager
  • Quiet spot
  • Relaxing chair
  1. This is the first step to getting the most stimulating experience with a wood foot massager. Soaking your feet in a foot spa or just a warm pail of water, with some foot soak, this is helpful in relaxing those aching feet. Of course it’s not necessary to soak your feet, but it will increase the stimulation you will receive.

  2. There are different sizes and style wood foot massagers, but they are all design to do the same thing. Remove the aches and pains from your feet; associated with everyday life. So finding a quiet and comfortable place to massage your feet would be beneficial in optimizing your results

  3. If you are ready to recharge your body with a good foot massage let’s get started. Depending on where you feel the greatest pain or tension you can start using your foot massager there and work your way up or down your foot. Put as much pressure as you can stand when you roll it against your foot. If you are using the balls or maybe one that look like little fingers. You will want to apply pressure to penetrate those deep down pains and stimulate those pressure points; makes it more effective

  4. If you choose to use a wood foot massagers where you can put both feet on it at the same time you will get amazing results a lot quicker. Point your feet (toes) upward to massage the heels of you feet than raise your heels up to massage the balls of you feet, now rest your feet flat and roll them over the wood massager with as much pressure that is comfortable to you.

  5. You will have to determine your comfort level with your foot massager. The feet can withstand a certain about of discomfort to get to the root of intense pain. Once you get a rhythm going with your wood foot massager and you begin to feel your whole body loosen up and feel more energized and refreshed. You will know you are using your wood massager correctly.

The feet play an important role; they get you where you need to be. Cherish them and take care of them. Pamper your feet from time to time. You only have one set of feet and you want them to last a lifetime. Because you will look rather silly walking around on your hands.

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