How To Use Word 2007

It is important to learn how to use Word 2007 because it is a word processing program which can be used for a multiplicity of functions. These include typing documents, compiling reports and carrying out desktop publishing. Since Word 2007 is different from previous versions of Word, it is necessary that you learn how to use Word 2007 whether you are a novice or an experienced user.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer with Word 2007
  1. Learn how to insert things. The home tab is where you will probably spend most of your time as it has processing tools which are commonly used in Word 2007. These functions include font size, color and type. Use "Insert" tab to insert things in the Word document. You can insert things such as clip art and links.
  2. Layout your page and review the document. The layout of the page is carried out under the layout tab. Here, you can change the size of your document and the page orientation. By using the Review tab, you will be able to check the document for spelling and grammatical errors and use the dictionary and thesaurus.
  3. View your document and format it. This is done under the View tab and Format tab. You will be able to see how your document looks like and make adjustments to it through zooming in and zooming out with the View tab. The Format tab is used to make adjustments to pictures and text in the document. It is also used to change the color and brightness in Word 2007.
  4. Use the Mailings and References tab. The Mailings tab is used to send out documents and merging mail. The References tab is used to insert references such as bibliographies, table of content, citations and footnotes.
  5. Use the large Microsoft Office button on the upper left corner of the application. This button can be used to open files, save files and print files when you use Word 2007.
  6. Use the quick access button. This button is placed at the right side of the Microsoft Office button. It provides access to most of the features in Word 2007. which includes the Save, Undo, Redo and Print Preview buttons. You have the option of removing or adding more buttons based on your needs.
  7. Use the scroll bar. The scroll bar is used to move a document up or down. At the top of the scroll bar is a small symbol that looks like a minus sign. This symbol is used to split the screen into two. Just beneath the minus sign is a small icon you can use to display or hide the ruler.



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