How To Use Your Assistant Chef On Order Up

As a hardcore gamer it is important to know how to use your assistant chef on Order Up! As with any games, understanding how the game works is the first step to mastering gameplay. Order Up! is a popular game for the Nintendo Wii. In the game you are a new chef trying to climb the ladder of success in the kitchen. You must start at the bottom of the ladder by overseeing a fast food restaurant.

In order to use your assistant chef you will need:

  • Nintendo Wii console
  • Order Up! game
  1. Select your chef. Choose between a male or female chef. Once you've made your choice your chef will be on a plane headed for Earth. The plane will land and your chef will be dropped in front of the Burger Face fast food joint.
  2. Training. You will be trained for your job at Burger Face where you will learn the basics about flipping burgers. The game features a cooking meter to notify you when the food is cooked-through. To flip a burger, hold down the "B" button and rotate your Wii remote. To chop, hold down the "B" button while making a chopping motion with the remote.
  3. Working your way up. As you master dishes, more dishes will be introduced. Each dish will become more elaborate. You will soon need to hire help.
  4. Hire the assistant chefs. Place a help wanted ad for a small fee from your restaurant earnings. You can hire two assistant chefs. To allow the chefs to help, drag the ingredient over to them. The assistant chefs will prepare the ingredients for you to cook. This frees up some of your time.
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