How To Use Your Body In The Post Playing Basketball

For bigger players on the court, you must learn how to use your body in the post playing basketball.  This will help you on both sides of the floor, when playing offense and defense down low in the post.  Work on these areas of your game in order to dominate in the post.

  1. Establish your position to receive the ball in the post.  Receiving the ball in the best position is important.  It will enable you to start your post move to the basket as close as possible, which will enable you to be more successful in your attempt.  Try to use your body to gain position in the paint if possible.  Use it to leverage your way closer as you are getting ready to receive the ball.
  2. Develop both types of post moves.  Post moves with your back to the basket and facing the basket are both important.  For the former you are using your body to shield the defender from the ball, as well as getting ready for a quick move to try to score.  For the latter having a quick move will enable you to deceive the defender when he is not ready; having a good close jumper will keep your opponent guessing, by the way.
  3. Set picks.  When you're in the post, you are able to help your teammates get open by setting picks on offense.  Be active in the offensive scheme.
  4. Play solid defense and rebound.  Use and develop your strength to be a powerful interior presence in the post on defense.  And always use your position in the post to grab rebounds on offense and defense.
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