How To Use Your Boxing In A Street Fight

If you’ve trained in boxing, you’re better prepared than most to survive a street fight, but how do you use your boxing in a street fight? Like any other marital art, your boxing has taught you things you’ll want to remember. Like all sport fighting styles, boxing has also taught you a few things you’ll need to forget.

  1. Remember to look at the other guy’s footwork. From his stance and first steps, you’ll see immediately whether or not he’s had any training.
  2. Remember your own footwork. The power of your punches and most of your bobbing and weaving stem from what you do with your feet. Don’t abandon it just because you’re not in the ring.
  3. Remember to use your range. Jabs sting like hell and will keep you out of range of the slow, looping punches your opponent is most likely to throw.
  4. Remember to punch in combinations. The fast, repetitive hitting of boxing is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Don’t just hit your opponent once.
  5. Remember that you’ve been hit before. Many trained fighters let their plans fall apart once they take that first real punch. You’ve been hit in the ring, by people who know how to hit. You know it’s just pain.
  6. Forget punching to the head. Without your gloves and wraps, you’re likely to break a knuckle or finger on the hard bones of the skull. Even if you don’t, you can cause enough damage with a committed head shot to move this fight from self-defense to aggravated assault.
  7. Forget playing by the rules. Boxing doesn’t allow takedowns, clinching, gouging, biting or kicking. There’s no ref in a street fight. Use whatever tools you need to so you can go home safe.
  8. One last thing to remember: you're a trained boxer. The law in most states will treat you differently from an untrained fighter. Be absolutely certain that you're in the right before stepping up against another person. It's always a risk to fight, and even if you win the fight you might lose the criminal case afterward. Or the civil suit. Or both.
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