How to Use Your Sony Digital Camera as a Webcam

Here are instructions for how to use your Sony digital camera as a webcam. Using a Sony Digital camera as a webcam is the same as using most other digital cameras as a webcam.  You will need a computer with some special hardware to do this, because most Sony digital cameras are not designed to be used as webcams. Follow these steps to learn how to use your Sony digital camera as a webcam.

What you will need:

  • Computer with video capture device
  • Sony Digital camera with video output 
  1. Check to see if your computer has a video capture device installed. This is a card on the back of the computer or other device that has a video and possibly audio input. 
  2. If your computer does not have a video input, you will need to install one yourself or have one installed. Purchase a video capture card that is compatible with your computer. You may have this device installed by a professional if you are not familiar with upgrading your computer.
  3. Using the video cable for your Sony digital camera, connect one end to the camera and the other end to the video capture device on your computer.
  4. Plug in the power cable for the camera. Turn on the camera to video or picture mode.
  5. Enable the video out feature on the camera. Consult the manual for your camera if you need help.
  6. Using the software for your video capture device, test the connection to the camera. 

In some cases, it is simply less expensive and easier to purchase a new webcam instead of using your Sony digital camera. Consider this option if your computer does not have the hardware required to start with.



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