How To Validate A Bank Account In The UK

Knowing how to validate a bank account in the UK is a very important endeavor. When you conduct a business with anyone having a bank account in the UK, you need to ensure that you are entering into a legitimate business and with a reliable person who guarantees payment from a bank account in the UK.  In order to facilitate a smooth flowing transaction with anyone who uses a UK based bank account in all transactions, it is always wise to validate the said account at the onset of the business undertaking. 

  1. The initial step in order to validate the bank account in the UK is to sort through the information provided such as bank codes and account number. You can try to verify this vital information such as the roll number and the bank sort codes as you initiate your data entry. Failure to conduct this step to validate a bank account in the UK could result to rejected payments with a poor Straight-Through-Processing (STP) rate that can significantly affect your customer service and administrative costs.
  2. In order to facilitate a more thorough and reliable system in validating a bank account in the UK, using bank validation software is the most sensible thing to do. One of the most reliable bank validation software in the market and is widely used by many merchants and entrepreneurs is the Bank Wizard by Experian. It helps maintain minimal errors in bank account validation as it generates reliable system of validating domestic bank account number and can generate International bank account numbers including bank accounts in the UK.
  3. Because there is a constant change in the data required in validating bank accounts in the UK or other country for that matter, validation of bank account is not an easy task. Bank account numbers and bank codes sometimes involve reformatting and conversion of these codes into different formats. Using bank validation software will provide convenience and with the least errors when processing the validation of a bank account in the UK. Being able to reliably validate bank accounts in the UK through an improved Straight-Through-Processing helps reduce errors on the process.  
  4. One can also utilize the features of PostCode Anywhere software to generate the accurate bank sort code. It keeps a sort code directory of various banks in the world including UK. It automatically checks whether the correct country code is valid, verifies as to the correctness of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN) and makes accurate calculations on the entered digits, which is a process commonly prone to errors. This software is a good way to help on how to validate a bank account in the UK in a more accurate manner with less administrative costs and delay.
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