How To Verify Employment

If you run your own business, someday you will have to know how to verify employment. Employment verification is a wise decision for business owners in an age of creative resumes and false identities. Luckily, the process is fairly easy and straightforward.

To verify employment, you will need:

  • A phone
  • A computer
  • Employment contact information
  1. Background information. You will need some basic information to verify employment such as the name of the business, phone and fax numbers. Ask what their title, salary and dates of employment were. Also, ask for their supervisor or manager’s name, title and contact information such as the work telephone number and email address.
  2. Calling. Before you call, you should realize that many companies will only verify dates of employment and some will require you to fill out some paperwork so they can verify who you are. Have your list of questions ready when you call. Typical employment verification questions are: =>What are the exact dates the employee worked for you?=>How much was the salary?=>What was the employee’s title?=>What were the employee’s duties?
  3. Other ways. If the company will only verify dates but you would like to know the salary, ask the prospective employee for their last W-2. Salary is important and often exaggerated for many positions, especially sales. If the prospective employee will have access to your financial records or access to your business accounts, you may wish to even use a professional verification service. Professional verification services are like private detectives and can help sniff out any suspicious documents or false identities.
  4. Cautions. Things to look out for when you begin to verify employment are home or cell phone contact information instead of business phone numbers. Sometimes people will try and fool you by saying they no longer work for the company but are happy to verify. Take down their information and then call the company to verify that they worked there. Using reverse phone lookups sometimes reveal residential numbers instead of business numbers. Employment verification is a simple process. They either worked there or they did not. If you are having a hard time finding answers, it may be time to look for another candidate.


  • Asking for and calling at least three professional references is another way to find out more about the prospective employee. Professional references are people who have actually worked with employee and not just friends.
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