How To Verify The Model Of My Bayliner

Are you wondering how to verify the model of my Bayliner? Bayliner has made many models over the past decades. Finding the model should be easy if you have your Bayliner papers from the sale of the boat to you, though other means exist to verify the model of your Bayliner.

You will need: 

  • documents
  • HIN number
  • internet
  1. Check owner papers. The owner's manual, title and/or registration papers should list the model of your Bayliner on them. If you cannot find your papers, contact your local DMV for a copy of the title and registration papers.
  2. Contact Bayliner. On their website, navigate to "request info." Fill in the online form for a response on how to verify the model of my Bayliner by phone or e-mail, or click dealer locator and type in your zip code. Local Bayliner dealership phone numbers and addresses will appear. Call a dealer in your area to speak with them to find the model.
  3. Check the boat's HIN. The HIN is the equivalent to a cars VIN. Locate the HIN on the boat hull, depending on the year your Bayliner was made (after August 1, 1984, a second HIN is on the inside of the boat. Write down the HIN on a piece of paper (the first three alpha characters are the MIC). Contact your local DMV to obtain title information, including the model of your Bayliner.
  4. Check the U.S. Coast Guard database on their website. The coast guard has a searchable database that will reveal the model using the MIC. Check the MIC on the coast guard's website to find the model of your Bayliner.
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