How To View Computer Monitor While Using A Data Projector

Learning how to view a computer monitor while using a data projector is easier than you might think. Most computers and about all laptops made today come with connection jacks for connecting a monitor or projector, and make it easy to view a computer monitor while using a data projector. This requires a video graphics array (VGA) cable in order to output the video signal to the projector. Newer equipment may have HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) connections to transmit pictures and sounds. To view the computer monitor while using a data projector, you need to adjust the display settings. This guide will show you how to view the computer monitor while using a data projector.

  1. Connect the computer and projector. First thing you need to do is connect the computer and projector with a compatible cable. If you are using HDMI you will need to insert the six-sided plug in the port and have the wider end of the plug upward. The VGA cable will need to be connected. You do this by aligning the fifteen pins in the plug that has fifteen holds in the VGA port. Insert the plug and tighten the bolt on each side by turning clockwise.
  2. Turn on computer and the projector.  If you have Windows XP, right click on the desk top and select properties then click the settings tab. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 right click on the desktop and select properties.
  3. Double click the grey’d out box that has a two on it. Check the drop down box to be sure it shows the projector. Click the checkbox next to extend my windows desktop on this monitor. If the above steps were done correctly, you should be able to view the computer monitor and data projector.

That is all there is to learning how to view a computer monitor while using a data projector.



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