How To View Internet History

Knowing how to view Internet history gives you a useful way to look for a website you’ve recently visited. This comes in handy especially when you forget to bookmark a page or add it to your favorites. All of the most widely used web browsers offer simple ways for you to pull up your history. 

  1. View Internet Explorer history. For Internet Explorer 8, click “Favorites” then select “History.” For Internet Explorer 7, click “Favorites Center” star button then select “History.” For Internet Explorer 6, click “History” on the toolbar to open the History bar on the left side of the browser window. 
  2. Browse Firefox history. For Firefox 3.0 and up, click “History” at the top of the screen to see recent pages. Click “Show All History” to open a new Library window then select the time period for the Internet history you want to see. You can also click “Recently Closed Windows” or “Recently Closed Tabs.
  3. See Safari history. Select “History” located at the top of the screen to view a list of recently visited pages. Choose “Earlier Today” or the date below that to see more pages. Another options is to click “Show All History.”
  4. View Google Chrome history. Click the page menu and select either “New tab” or “New window” from the pop up menu. Choose “Show full history” on the bottom of the window.   Another way to view Internet history is by clicking “Customize and Control Google Chrome” then selecting “History.”
  • You can get rid of pages under History in Internet Explorer by right-clicking a page and selecting “Delete.”
  • Safari allows you to easily open web pages you’ve recently visited by clicking “Reopen Last Closed Window” or “Reopen All Windows from Last Session.” 



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