How To View Private Myspace Profiles

Want to learn how to view private MySpace profiles?  It really isn't that complicated.  However, as the hacker gets smarter, so does MySpace in protecting against hacking.  You don't need to be a professional hacker to try some of these steps to get into a private profile.  Remember these are ways you can view items on a private profile, but they may not work as MySpace programmers catch on and make the private profiles more secure.  This is a security glitch that allows us to view items we really shouldn't be able to see.  As you try the following steps you may catch on and experiment using different ways to hack into an account.  The biggest issue you may have in hacking MySpace accounts is somehow acquiring the friend ID number, picture ID number and blog ID number.  Before you try hacking a private profile you may want to experiment on public profiles just to see how it works. 

  1. Viewing Private Profile You will want to type in the URL of the private profile, as follows:<profilename>.  Enter the name of the profile where <profilename> is located.
  2. Viewing Private Pictures  Type in the following URL:*********&albumId=*****.  Fill in the friend ID number, consisting of nine numbers and also fill in the album ID number, consisting of five numbers.  This will allow you to view private profiles pictures. 
  3. Viewing Private Blogs Type in the following URL:********&blogId=*********.  Fill in the friend ID number, consisting of eight number, then input the blog ID number, consisting of nine numbers.  This will allow you to view blogs on a private profile. 



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