How To Voice Act

Learning how to voice act takes a lot of patience and persistence, but a great professional career can become of it.  Voice acting can vary from the type of dialog that is done from dubbing lines in movies, doing voice-overs in animated films or TV shows, and also narrate commercials. The different roles that a voice actor can portray can offer unlimited opportunities and great potential to have a huge future in voice acting.

To voice act you will need:

  • acting classes
  • voice recorder
  • demo tape
  • agent
  1. Learn the basic techniques of the acting profession. Begin to train as an actor, and start studying your favorite actors and figuring out their techniques. Train in the acting profession by acting in a community theater or school productions. You can also attend acting classes or go to school to get a degree in performing arts. A lot of voice acting roles translate from regular acting roles.
  2. Record yourself voice acting. Record yourself doing challenging voice roles, listen to them, and then work on any areas that you need to correct. Choose your best work and make a demo tape. Use your demo tape to submit for potential voice acting jobs that you may want to pursue.
  3. Get some voice experience. Try to get on with a radio show to get some a voice act experience. Getting a job as a deejay can also be great experience doing introductions of songs and getting the crowd hype. To gain some more voice acting experience offer to volunteer your services. If you live in a small city you may need to relocate to a big city for a larger market for voice acting roles such as Los Angeles or New York.
  4. Attend as every audition. Some roles that are available to voice act may not pay well or may not be that interesting to you. Attend these auditions no mater what the situation may be because one gig can lead to another or the casting director might call you to play another role for a different project that you may love.
  5. Hire an agent to help promote you. Make sure to choose and agent that has voice actors experience. Have your agent set up the best auditions they possible can, which can hopefully lead you into the right door for your voice acting career.
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