How To Volunteer At The Masters

Do you want to know how to volunteer at the Masters? Volunteering at the Masters is no joke especially when you are volunteering to help in a tournament that crowns champions like, Tiger Woods. With all this hype behind one of golf’s greatest tournaments average people can still lend a hand and volunteer. Here are few things that you should do to make sure that you have a spot in the next Masters tournament.

Here are some things you might need if you would like to volunteer at the Masters:
  • Determination
  • A good amount of patience
  • Respect
  1. Take the initiative. Firstly, the Master’s is not going to come to your home, knock on your door, and ring your doorbell asking if you would like to volunteer at this year's Masters tournament. You have to get up, take the initiative, and make some calls so that things can happen.
  2. Patience. You aren’t going to need a little bit of patience, but rather a good amount of it. In most cases there will be a swarm of people attempting to do the same thing that you are trying to do.
  3. Augusta National. Look up the phone number for the Augusta national, this is where the tournament is held. Most likely your call will be transferred to theANGC job line, which  specializes in helping callers just like you. This job line allows you to leave information on how you can be contacted so that an application can be sent to you. They will send an application to you if you live outside the area. Otherwise if you live close enough to make the drive than you should go directly to the office to apply in person.
Remember that when trying to volunteer at the Masters, do not wait till the week before the tournament and decide that you would like to volunteer. If you do that, there is no chance of being able to volunteer. At that point, just begin dreaming about next year’s Masters. These kinds of tournaments pick their volunteers way in advance so begin planning ahead of time to volunteer at the Masters.
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