How To Walk With Confidence

Why is it important to learn how to walk with confidence? Well, you would be surprised how much of an impression the way you walk makes on other people. The right walk can help you come across as someone who’s cool, in control, and filled with confidence. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to walk with confidence.

  1. Don’t slouch. Slouching does not scream to those around you, “I am a confident person.” Instead, it makes you look like someone who is uncertain and unsure, and would rather be hiding in their apartment than interacting with other people. One of the easiest ways to come across as more confident is to stand tall and proud, and maintain that same posture when walking.
  2. Smile. Ever hear that expression, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Well, as trite as it might seem, it’s also true. When you smile, you give the impression of being someone who feels good about themselves, and feels relatively happy with your life. And smiling can actually make you feel better. Think about it. Who are you more likely to be drawn to? Someone acting like they have a dark cloud over their head. Or someone who seems happy and brimming over with confidence.
  3. Eyes straight ahead. Where are your eyes when you walk? A lot of people walk around with their gaze locked on the ground at their feet, which does not convey a sense of self-assurance. So, instead, look ahead when you walk. This gives the impression that you are a confident person not afraid to look others in the eye, and eager to look forward towards the great things ahead of you.
  4. Walk with a purposeful stride. How do you walk? Do you shamble along? Or maybe you schlump or shlep? Well, people who walk with confidence walk with a long, purposeful stride. It says to people, “I know where I’m going, and have what It takes to get there.”
  5. Take a deep breath. What does taking a breath have to do with walking with confidence? Well, exhaling will do several things. It will remind you to stand up straight. It will encourage you to lift your head and “face the world head on.” It will also puff out your chest. When you were about to enter a frightening or uncomfortable situation, have you ever found yourself puffing out your chest right before you “headed into the lion’s den?” Well, believe it or not, puffing out your chest actually can help to make you feel more confident and in control. So if walking with more confidence is your goal, puffing out your chest well help to do the trick.   
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