How To Walk Like Denzel Washington

Do you want to learn how to walk like Denzel Washington? Not unlike intended imitations of John Wayne’s stride, many try to walk like Denzel Washington and fail, due to the fact that such a pursuit is often pointless (both Marion Robert Morrison (a.k.a. John Wayne) and likewise Denzel Washington were/are strong believers in the fact that “It’s best to be yourself.”)

But if you choose to ignore this suggestion and attempt an imitation, it’ll be easy enough for you to walk like Denzel Washington by just remembering that you’ll need:

  1. Carry yourself proudly. Hold your chin high. (Mr. Washington’s posture typically exudes a friendly, yet confident vibe includes…unless he is employing an affect to suit a character he is playing.)  
  2. Be aware of subtleties in posture. Slightly slouch to make eye contact with others when speaking to them. (This is a habit that many who are taller than most develop throughout life. And Denzel is one of these people.)
  3. Grin as often and sincerely as possible. Act as if your jaw muscles are connected to your knees (in that Mr. Washington’s breathtaking smile often distracts from his pace while obviously showing it as a necessity tied to his every movement). And further understand that facial expressions most always relate to a person’s stride in general.

It’s also important to remember that Denzel Washington is, when all is said and done, an actor. So if you choose to study him through films, you’ll find yourself studying a variety of styles. For example, his walk in “Glory” displays no small amount of pride, but also contains a certain downtrodden nature (in that his character in this particular film had spent a lifetime as a slave); while in “Philadelphia” his character’s walk showed a great deal of total self-confidence and nearly bordered on having a swagger.

All this should make it obvious that an adaptation of Denzel’s walk will require no small amount of research into his body of work and the imitation of several different styles. But the true nature of Denzel Washington’s walk can best be observed through watching him off the screen … especially when he is in the company of his family.    

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