How To Walk Like A Man

If you know how to walk like a man, you can fit right in and be one of the guys. A masculine walk yells, "Macho!" to everyone you meet. Men and women walk very differently from each other. Close observation of how men walk has yielded these tips on how to walk like a man.

  1. Walk with your feet at least one foot apart or shoulder-width apart. Make your stride about as long as you can without it feeling forced. Most men’s strides are 1-1/2 times longer than a woman’s. For each stride, put your heel down first. Think about where you’re going. Act like nothing will dare to get in your way.
  2. Make your palms face backwards. Bend your elbows slightly. Let your arms swing back and forth. Your shoulders should lead the movement and propel you forward with each step.
  3. Walk with your head comfortably angled downward, eyes on the ground. Men don’t want to communicate if they don’t have to. Don’t make eye contact with strangers. Don’t smile very often. Act self-assured.
  4. Put some attitude into your manly walk. If you want to look young and hip, put a little limp in your walk. Take a step with your right foot, then let your left foot lag a little behind and make your left foot steps slower than the right. Study the walks of guys wearing hip-hop gear to see how it’s done.


  • Practice how to walk like a man. Use a mirror to see how macho you can get with your body language in motion.
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