How To Wall Tap On A BMX Bike

If you are confident in your riding skills, you should learn how to wall tap on a BMX bike. Taking on the BMX trick called a wall tap is a how to walk in the park. BMX biking is a popular gig. Doing tricks, like the wall tap on a BMX bike isn’t difficult at all. Learning how to pin a wall tap on a BMX bike is explained in the steps below. A wall tap is a popular trick on a BMX bike due to its simple process. The mechanics of performing a wall tap on a BMX bike are basic to a rider with at least a intermediate skill level. A wall tap on a BMX is fun and adventurous. The wall tap is a showman’s trick and will help you learn to manage your BMX bike. Look into the instructions below on how to perform and stick the wall tap.

Things you will need to do this trick:

  • BMX bike
  • Biking gear
  • Wall
  • Small Ramp

Tip: it is best to tackle this with an aid up to the wall as you re learning.

  1. Approach the wall with a better than medium speed. Stand up on the peddles as you glide towards the wall. Bend slightly at the knees as you are within range. Stop peddling.
  2. Pull up on your handlebars. Your front wheel should go up, causing the back wheel to come forward. Your BMX bike should be straight up. Do not kick the BMX bike or pop, simply pull up on the front wheel.
  3. The BMX bike will tap the wall with both wheels. Look over your bike when you are in the position. Shift your weight away from the wall. You will land backwards, or in the fakie position. Turn and complete the wall tap.
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