How To Warm Up And Stretch Correctly Before Exercise

When embarking upon a new fitness routine or simply getting back in touch with an old faithful one, you must know how to warm up and stretch correctly before exercise. Without warm ups and stretches, serious damage can be done to the muscles. Stretching and warming up are extremely important to do prior to any physical activity.

  1. The calf stretch is essential to prevent a cramped leg muscle. While facing a wall, lean forward slowly pressing your forehead against the wall. Before you lean in, you must be at least 2 ft. away from the wall. Hold this stretch for about 20 seconds then repeat.
  2. The quad stretch is beneficial to prevent muscle pulls. From 1 ft away, face a wall and by supporting yourself with your right hand, raise your right leg behind you. Grab your foot with your left hand and pull upwards toward your buttocks. Do this exercise as well for 20 seconds then repeat with the other leg.
  3. Stretching the groin is essential as well. First, squat on the floor putting your hands in front of you. While keeping your right foot flat, stretch your left leg behind you. Press your chest into your right knee, shifting your weight to your left leg. Like the other stretches previously, hold this one for 20 seconds also.
  4. After you have performed the basic stretches, begin walking in place. Raising your legs high in a motivational rhythm. Then slowly pick up the pace preparing for the bulk of the workout.

At this point you should feel comfortable and confident enough to begin your work out routine. By reducing most risks of injury, your exercise session should be very successful.

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