How To Wash A Back Massage Mat

It you want to know how to wash a back massage mat you should follow these simple steps. You do not want to take the chance of damaging your massage mat and you definitely don’t want to risk getting an electric shock from a damp mat.

To clean massage mat you will need:

  • Massage mat
  • Damp cloth or sponge
  • mild cleaning solution
  • Take caution
  1. The massage mat needs to be unplugged from the wall outlet. Detach the adapter from the massage mat and store it somewhere it won't get wet. Now the electrical parts that can’t be removed, like the cord that attaches to the massage mat and also the remote control, cover it with a cloth and seal it inside of a Ziploc bag to prevent it from getting wet. The Ziploc bag want be entirely close so be careful not to get it wet.

  2. The massage mat can’t be washed in the washing machine. Do not submerge your massage mat in water are any other type of liquid. It will damage the massage mat and make it dangerous to plug back in. Get a damp cloth or sponge, you can put a drop of detergent or even dish washing liquid on the cloth or sponge, rinse and ring-out, then gently wipe just the front of the massage mat.

  3. Allow the massage mat to completely dry before plugging it back in. A blow dryer set on low and on the cool setting can also be used, never use the warm setting and never take the risk of melting any of the components inside of the massage pad. Once it’s thoroughly dry you can plug it back in and get back to relaxing.

It’s possible to clean your massage mat but when dealing with electricity, please, remember to take every precaution to avoid any type of accident from occurring.

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