How To Wash Compression Running Socks

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to wash compression running socks. Compression running socks are often used by long distance runners in order to prevent shin splints and other chronic injuries. They not only can prevent injury but may also improve athletic performance.

  1. Before you actually wash compression socks, it is important to remove any burdocks, thorns, or large clumps of dirt and/or sand. Be sure to carefully examine both compression socks from toe to the top of the tube portion of sock for best results.
  2. Locate or purchase a large bucket that can hold at least five gallons of water. While this may seem like a lot of water, it is important to get both socks thoroughly clean. Place a small amount of dish washing or laundry soap in the bottom of the bucket, and fill approximately three quarters of the way full with warm water.
  3. Place both socks into the bucket, and allow to soak for at least two hours. After the compression socks have soaked, remove them from the water and examine them. Look for signs of previous dirt or sweat stains. If these stains still exist, place the socks back into the bucket and continue soaking, however, if the socks are clean the can be removed from the bucket and allowed to dry.
  4. Place the cleaned socks on a hard work surface and spread out so as much of the surface as possible is exposed. Make sure the socks receive direct sunlight, and allow them to dry completely before use.
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