How To Wash Corduroy

Learning how to wash corduroy can be a little tricky. For one, the fabric is 100% cotton with a nap. Cotton naturally picks up lint and so do fabrics with a nap so washing corduroy while keeping it lint free can be a problem. Be careful when washing corduroy because it can shrink very easily-more so in the leg length than anywhere else.  These are some washing tips that will keep your corduroy looking like new and lint free. Remember before washing to always look at the care label to make sure that the fabric is machine washable.

  1. Choose a water temperature. The first  rule to wash corduroy properly is to keep the color in mind. If the corduroy is dark, always wash in cold water. If corduroy is a pastel color, wash in warm water. This is a very important rule and it is often missed when learning how to wash corduroy the right way..
  2. Wash like colors together. To wash corduroy use like color loads in the washing machine. Wash darks with darks and lights with lights.
  3. Avoid lint producers. Never wash corduroy with lint producing fabrics like fleece, felt or terry materials. This is just asking lint problems.
  4. Wash corduroy material inside out. This prevents the nap from matting down. As the corduroy is washing inside out, the nap brushes together and lifts the nap. Turning corduroy inside out when you wash it keeps lint  from embedding in the nap as well.
  5. Just hang out. Let corduroy hang dry until barely damp. Take the corduroy and brush with a lint brush in the same direction as nap. This will remove all remaining lint.
  6. Don't turn up the heat. Dry on low-extra low if you have the cycle for ten minutes. This will fluff the nap of the corduroy and make it soft.
  7. Shake it out. Take corduroy out of dryer and immediately shake and hang on hangar.
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