How To Wash Cotton Cardigan Sweaters

Knowing how to wash cotton cardigan sweaters does not take a lot of work, but not washing a cardigan sweater correctly may have adverse results that may leave your sweater looking two sizes smaller. To keep your cotton cardigan fitted accordingly to your size, read these instructions on washing it carefully.

To wash cotton cardigan sweaters, you will need:

  • Washing machine
  • Laundry detergent
  1. Machine wash cold. Your cotton cardigan sweaters must be washed in cold water, otherwise it will shrink because of its cotton material. If you are washing other clothing along with your cardigan sweater, make sure your laundry is comprised of similar colors (light with light, dark with dark) and of cotton material. If you are washing cashmere sweaters, wash in gentle cycle so the sweaters are not ruined due to its delicate material.
  2. Hand wash the cardigan sweater. Another option in washing your cotton cardigan sweaters is hand washing it in cold water for one minute with detergent. You can purchase laundry detergent that specializes in cleaning cotton fabrics at retail stores. After you thoroughly clean your cardigan sweaters, wring it until it’s damp and no longer soaking in water.
  3. Air dry. Once you finish washing the sweater, you can air dry it overnight to prevent heat from a machine dryer shrinking the cardigan sweater. For faster results, use a fan to blow dry the sweater. Clothing pins are very useful to hang your sweater to dry. It's best to dry your cardigan sweater in the basement or backyard because of its open space and air in both areas.



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