How To Wash Cycling Wool

Are you wondering how to wash cycling wool? Check the care tag inside the garment for recommended care. Some items will specify it is okay to use a gentle or delicate machine wash, other items will indicate hand wash only. Use discretion if a machine wash is okay. Make sure your pockets are empty.

  1. Turn your cycling wool item inside out. This will protect graphics, etc. on the clothing. Wash your cycling wool separate from other items.
  2. Hand wash your cycling wool. Run water (cold to lukewarm water, depending on the recommended cleaning instructions) into a stationary or bath tub.
  3. Some care tags will indicate a washing machine is okay to use. If this is on your care tag you can try a delicate cycle in your washing machine or be safe and hand wash the item.
  4. Use only mild detergent. Use detergent designed to clean wool clothing or a baby detergent will work well. Make sure the detergent that is free of dyes and scents.
  5. Wash either by hand or machine. If washing by hand give the wool enough time in the detergent to be cleaned properly.
  6. Rinse. Rinse well so all traces of detergent are gone. If machine washing use an extra rinse cycle. If washing by hand re-fill your tub to allow for a second rinse.
  7. Dry your cycling wool. Lay the cycling wool flat to dry or line dry out of sunlight. Allow plenty of time for the thickest part of the cycling wool to be completely dry.



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