How To Wash A Down Jacket

Here are instructions for how to clean a down jacket. Every winter we pull out the down jackets because when it comes to warmth they are unmatched. Cleaning down jackets at home don't have to become a messy and complicated process. Keep the feathers in your jacket and your money in your pocket washing your down jacket yourself

What You Will Need to Wash A Down Jacket:

  • Powdered Detergent
  • Clean White Socks
  • Tennis Balls
  • Large Washing Machine
  1. Prepare your down jacket for laundering by emptying all pockets. Make sure all seams are sealed and there are no holes present in your jacket.
  2. Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle. The other cycles will make the feathers stick together in lumps.
  3. Cover the tennis balls with the white socks. This ensures the fabric from the tennis balls will not become lint on your down jacket.
  4. Place the down jacket in the washing machine. Follow your machines instructions on when to add in the soap. Powdered soap will not weigh down your down feathers, causing them to form lumps that you cannot remove, like liquid soap would.
  5. Place clean canvas sneakers in the washing machine with your down jacket if you do not have tennis balls. The shoes will perform the same function as the tennis balls, which is to keep the wet feathers from forming lumps inside your jackets shell.
  6. Rinse the down jacket twice in the washing machine. This will make sure your jacket does not have any soap residue left in it weighing down the feathers.

You can air dry or machine dry on low your down jacket.

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