How To Wash A Duvet

Are you wondering why you should bother to learn the right way to wash a duvet? A duvet is different that a regular bedspread or quilt, so there are a few extra steps you need to take to wash it. If you simply dump it into the washing machine, you are taking a gamble–you may be rewarded with a shrunken mass of feathers for your trouble.

  1. The first thing you need to do when you wash a duvet is separate the duvet from the cover, if you have one. The duvet is a plain pillow-like bedspread inserted into a decorative envelope of fabric. If the duvet was a sandwich, the cover would be the bread and the duvet insert would be the filling. Since the cover and duvet insert are made from different materials, wash them separately for best results.  Look at the edges of the cover and locate the closures. There will be some kind of barrier keeping the duvet insert from escaping. Look for buttons, a zipper, Velcro or ties. Undo whatever you find and remove the fluffy insert.
  2. Place the insert into the washing machine. Wash with warm water and a cold water rinse using whatever laundry soap you normally use. Remove the insert as soon as it is clean and place it in the dryer. Toss 5-10 clean tennis balls or a pair of clean sneakers in the dryer and tumble dry on medium. This will make an incredible amount of noise, but it will help keep the duvet fluffy and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  3. Look at the care label on the cover to see if it can be washed at home. If it says "Dry Clean Only", then take it to the drycleaner; otherwise you can wash it using the same technique you used to wash the duvet. When both parts are clean and dry, reassemble the duvet "sandwich", close the edges and make the bed.

Tip: You should only need to wash the duvet insert once or twice a year, wash the duvet cover as needed.

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