How To Wash Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are not cheap, so you should know how to wash any electric blanket that you own to ensure that it lasts a long time. A little tender loving care is all you need to keep your electric blanket in pristine condition. There are general washing rules that apply, unless the instructions that came with your blanket tell you otherwise.

To wash an electric blanket, you will need:

  • Mild detergent
  • Washing machine or tub
  • Clothesline

  1. Unplug your blanket from the electrical socket. There is generally a location on the blanket where the cord will come out from the other end as well. You will need to hand wash your blanket if the cord does not come off. Give your blanket a quick once over to make sure there is no damage and that no wires are exposed.

  2. Put your blanket in the washing machine by itself with a gentle detergent. If your electric blanket is especially large, you may have to take it to a laundromat for a commercial-sized washing machine.

  3. Wash the blanket on the gentle or delicate cycle. Make sure the cycle on your machine uses the rinse and spin option. Let it rinse for at least a few minutes and then spin for at least a few minutes.

  4. Hand wash your electric blanket in a large container or tub with a mild detergent if your blanket’s electrical cord does not detach. Gently rinse and then squeeze excess water from the blanket. Do not twist the blanket, as it could damage the wires.

  5. Hang your blanket to dry on a clothes line or some other surface that allows good airflow. Some people choose to tumble dry their electric blanket on a low setting, but that can be risky. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what they recommend for that particular brand.

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