How To Wash Enamel Camping Cookware

Enamel cookware is lightweight and convenient to use while camping, but it is important you learn how to wash enamel camping cookware, in order to protect the enamel. Camping cookware can be slightly difficult to clean, if there is burnt on food, grease or if the cookware is left to sit overnight after use. With proper care enamel camping cookware can last for several years. Do not attempt to wash the cookware until it has cooled down. The sudden temperature change could damage the enamel coating. The following six steps will help to maintain the cookware and make cleaning it breeze.

  1. Use warm water and mild dish detergent to wash the enamel cookware.
  2. Use only soft dishcloths or a sponge to wash the enamel cookware. It is important to never use steel wool or abrasive scouring pads, as these will scratch the enamel.
  3. If there are stains on the enamel cookware. Fill the pan with warm water and drop in one or two denture cleaning tablets. Leave the water and tablets to soak for approximately ten minutes, then wash with warm water and detergent.
  4. When there are no denture tablets to use. soak the enamel cookware with warm water and salt for several hours, place the pan with salt water over the fire or on a camping stove and allow to boil. Dump the water out, allow to cool and wash with detergent and warm water.
  5. To remove grease from the bottom of enamel camping cookware. Use a plastic spatula to remove the grease from the pan. Dribble dish washing detergent over the grease and lay a cloth with warm water over the bottom of the pan. Let the cloth sit on the grease for a few hours, remove the cloth, fill the pan with warm water and wash the cookware.

Tip: Always dry the enamel camping cookware after washing to prevent rust and do not use bleach or ammonia products as these products will severely damage the enamel finish.

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