How To Wash Football Knee Pads

Knowing how to wash football knee pads will make it easier to keep the pads properly maintained. Some pads may have a specific set of directions on a small attached label, which will guide you on the cleaning process. Be sure you do not shrink the football knee pads when you wash them, since they will either not fit or may not provide the same amount of protection as they did before you cleaned them.

  1. Make sure to clean any stains before you wash football knee pads. If the pads have dirt or grass stains, let them soak in bleach before putting them in the washing machine. You may also want to spray some heavy duty stain remover solution on the football knee pads.
  2. After soaking, wash football knee pads in a washing machine. If the pads have a specific temperature to use listed on the label, make sure to follow the instructions to avoid shrinkage. Add a generous amount of detergent to the washing machine, and wash the pads separately from any other laundry items.
  3. See how the football knee pads look after the first wash cycle. If the stains did not come out, you can always try to soak the knee pads in bleach again. Use the stain remover as well, to see if the second run-through in the washing machine will remove the stains altogether.
  4. Once the pads are clean, see if they still fit the same. If the pads slide into the leg of football pants, place them inside and try the pants on. Adjust the pads along the knee area, to see if they still provide the same amount of protection. If the pads are worn directly over the knee and do not go in a pair of football pants, be sure to try them on to make sure they are not too tight.



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