How To Wash A Harley

If you own a Harley then one thing you'll need to know is how to wash a Harley properly to avoid scratching the bike. Always use cleaning products that are made for Harley's for best results. This article will take you step-by-step on washing your Harley. 

To wash a Harley,  you will need:

  • Water
  • Water hose
  • High quality Harley cleaning solution
  • Bike wheel cleaning solutions
  • Clean or new car sponge
  • Lint-free car drying towel or leaf blower
  • High-quality Harley polish
  1. Get prepared.  Before you wash a Harley remove any jewelry you are wearing that could scratch the bike. Make sure that your bike is cool to the touch and rinse off any caked on mud that could scratch the paint during washing..
  2. Prepare the washing solution.  Follow the directions on the bottle to properly prepare the cleaning solution. Use a high-quality brand and don't mix the cleaning solution with any other kind of  cleaning solution like dish soap.
  3. Wash the Harley. Use a new sponge and wash the Harley gently. Wash in sections and avoid splattering the washing solution all over the bike. Use a soft cloth or silk bristle brush to wash in the crevices. Use a cleaner made for bike wheels to thoroughly clean the wheels.
  4. Rinse the Harley. It is important to rinse the bike from the top down several times to ensure that all of the cleaning solution has been removed. Thoroughly rinse out any crevices.
  5. Dry the Harley.  Use a clean, lint-free car towel to dry off the bike. Pay close attention to areas that may hold water. A leaf blower also makes a great bike dryer. Just be sure the leaf blower is clean so that you don't blow dust and other particles on your bike.
  6. Polish the Harley. If your bike is in need of a polish then do so now. Use a polish & sealant made for Harley bikes. Use a soft cloth for buffering. Let the bike rest in a shaded area for several hours after polishing.
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