How to Wash a Hockey Jersey

Need to know how to wash a hockey jersey? Hockey jerseys cannot be washed like you would wash regular clothes. Hockey jerseys need special attention and need to be washed accordingly. Washing your hockey jersey properly will allow you to wear it more often and keep it intact. A poorly-washed hockey jersey can lead to unstitching and patchwork problems; the stitching can come undone and the patches on the jersey can come undone.

  1. Wash the hockey jersey inside-out. Flip the jersey inside-out, then place it into the washer. Doing so will help to preserve the jersey's fabric and make it less faded.
  2. Use color-safe detergent. Washing your hockey jersey is safe detergent negates the fading effects of regular detergent. Purchase color-safe detergent at your local department store.
  3. Wash the jersey in a gentle washing cycle and in cold water. Unlike hot water, the cold water will not shrink the jersey. The gentle cycle of the washer allows your jersey to stay intact. In addition, the gentle cycle will keep your jersey looking soft and feeling comfortable.
  4. Let it air dry. Just like the hot water, the hot air of a dryer will shrink your hockey jersey. To properly dry your hockey jersey, put it on a hanger and hang it up in a dry place. If you have a clothes line, you can hang your jersey up outside. It should take at least 45 minutes to air dry.
  5. Hang up your jersey in a dry place. Once it's done drying, place it in a closet or somewhere that is not filled with moisture. Moisture will make the jersey uncomfortable when you decide to wear it again.
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