How To Wash A Linen Suit For Men

Learning how to wash a linen suit for men can be tricky since you may feel that it is safer to have it dry cleaned.  However, if you take the necessary precautions and carefully follow instructions, you can wash the suit yourself.  The natural long fibers from the stalk of the flax plant that make up linen keep moisture away and creates the light airy feeling, softness, and coolness.  But the "breathing" fibers are stiff, and wrinkles are caused by the bending of those fibers that stay bent.  More sweating causes more wrinkles. 

  1. Read the care labels on your particular linen suit.  These will give you wash and care specifics. 
  2. To hand wash, place into warm water and soap suds. Gently rub the linen in that mix and then take it out of the tub. 
  3. To machine wash, use a gentle cycle and warm water. 
  4. Rinsing. Use a lot of running water to rinse out properly. 
  5. Treating stains.  This is not too difficult, especially if you immediately rub the stain with cold water or seltzer water, which stops the stain from setting in.  If necessary, soak the garment in laundry detergent, rub the stain with white vinegar, or sprinkle talcum powder on the stain while it dries. 
  6. Air Drying.  Air drying the garment after hand or machine washing by laying it flat on a towel or hanging it on a padded wooden hanger.  Most experts say to never put the suit in the dryer.  But another source says you can put it on an "air" setting for a few minutes to help get out the wrinkles so it will mean less ironing. 
  7. Ironing. Carefully iron linen on a high setting while it is still damp.  The dampness is necessary because it guards against burning.  The fabric dries fast.  Iron the inside of the garment first and then on the outside to a nice sheen.  Iron until smooth, not dry. 
  8. Covering your suit.   If you want to cover your linen suit to keep it fresh and clean, use a canvas cover and not plastic.
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