How To Wash Luxury Silk Bedding

To impress a classy broad during the bedroom tour, you have to know how to wash your luxury silk bedding. You will need more than a bottle of cinnamon vodka and clean underwear to keep the rhythm going. This is especially true when your silk comforter is fouled with the remnants of last night’s beer and buffalo wings feast. Luckily for you, Lothario, cleaning your silk bedding is as easy as unsnapping a single clasp brassiere that opens in the front.

To wash luxury silk bedding, you will need:

  • Mild detergent (such as Woolite)
  • Mild soap
  • Cotton pillowcase
  • Specialized dry cleaning service
  1. Silk. When you need to wash luxury silk bedding, the first thing to remember is never use bleach. Bleach makes a nasty looking stain that will never go away. You will need a mild detergent that is specially formulated for silk. Woolite works well, but some silk companies have their pet brands they prefer so check the tags. Dryers are rough on silk so airing your bedding outside is the preferred method of drying.
  2. Washing the sheets. Wash the sheets in warm or cold/warm water with a mild detergent. Never use hot water. Use a delicate cycle like the one designated for either silk or wool. If possible, shorten the spin cycle or just keep your eye on it if you have an older washing machine. If you fear your ancient washing machine will brutalize your silk sheets, you can wash them in a cotton pillow case. Air dry the sheets outside in indirect sunlight.
  3. Duvet. Though often ignored, your duvet should be aired outdoors twice a year. Stains can be removed with warm water and a dab of a mild soap like Ivory Liquid. Unlike the sheets, not all duvet covers are machine-washable. Check the manufacturer information before you clean them.
  4. Comforter. If your comforter has a cover, remove it and use the same method you used to wash the sheets. Silk comforters should never go near a washing machine. The tried and true way to clean one is to hang it outside on a nice day. A silk comforter will suck up moisture during use so this should be done periodically. If the comforter is fouled by your love life and eating habits, you will have to find a specialized dry cleaning service that can handle it. Try places that clean wedding gowns.
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