How To Wash Men’s Vintage T-Shirts

Men’s vintage t-shirts have become very popular, especially with the younger generation. If you have a passion for this style of fashion then you need to know how to wash men’s vintage t-shirts. These shirts have interesting pictures and logos on the front and back. Some of them will have actual dates such as “Graduate of 1984”.  If they do not have dates, you can normally tell by the look and feel of the material.  It is best to hand wash vintage men’s t-shirts. 

 Things you’ll need:

  • Mild detergent  (liquid)
  • Towels
  • Stain remover  or white vinegar
  • padded hanger
  1. Pre-treat any stains with a fabric stain remover. Dab a small amount of white vinegar on any underarm stains before washing.
  2. Clean the sink and rinse well before beginning. Fill the sink with cold water and add a small amount of mild liquid detergent. A small capful is plenty.
  3. Mix the water until the soap is completely dissolved. Add the clothing and gently pat the shirt into the water to make the water and soap go through the fabric.  As the t-shirt rises to the top, pat it back down into the sink.  Allow the shirt to soak for a few minutes.
  4. Remove the water from the sink without taking out the shirt. Gently rinse the vintage t-shirt under running water and carefully squeeze the water out.  Rinse until the water runs clear. Remember you are dealing with vintage clothing, do not wring or treat roughly.
  5. Re-fill the sink with clean water. Continue to pat the shirt into the water until the bubbles are gone.
  6. Gently squeeze the water from the t-shirt. Repeat the rinse process if you feel you has not gotten all of the soap out.
  7. Lay out a clean towel and smooth the t-shirt over the flat towel. Roll the vintage t-shirt into the towel. Squeeze gently again while the t-shirt is in the towel.
  8. Hang the men’s vintage t-shirts on padded hangers or lay flat on another towel to dry.  Keep out of direct sunlight which can fade colored vintage clothing and make white shirts turn yellow.


  • Only wash one t-shirt at a time.
  • If you believe the shirt holds a high value, take it to a professional who specializes in vintage items.
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