How To Wash MMA Training Gloves

Figuring out how to wash MMA fighting gloves is a great way to keep them in great shape. Sweat is like acid on MMA fighting gloves. Prolonged exposure of sweat to MMA fighting gloves will stain and break down the material. Learning the proper way to clean them will remove the sweat and dirt particles without shrinking or degrading the fighting gloves. Proper cleaning of MMA fight gloves will keep them in top condition. Cleaning MMA fight gloves won’t make you a better fighter but at least it will help you look good prefight. The instructions below will step you through the process to clean MMA fighting gloves.

What you will need to clean them:

  • MMA fighting gloves
  • Dry towel
  • Sink
  • Luke warm water
  • Mild detergent


  • Do not take the shortcut of tossing MMA fighting gloves in the washing machine. This will break them down quicker. The dryer is definitely forbidden in the proper care of MMA fighting gloves.
  1. Turn on the sink to warm. Use your hand to test the water. Once it is fine, then plug the sink and allow it to fill. While the sink if filling, measure our ¼ of the recommended amount.
  2. Pour the detergent into the sink under the running water. Lay out the dry towel next to the sink. When the sink is about half-full, turn off the water. The water should be lukewarm,
  3. Dip the first MMA fighting glove into the water. Use your hand to rub down the glove. Remove the glove and rinse with warm water. Repeat this with the second MMA fighting glove.
  4. When both gloves have been washed and rinsed set them on the dry towel. Fold the towel over the gloves and push down a few times. Leave the MMA fighting gloves as they are and allow to dry at least twelve hours.
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