How To Wash A North Face Jacket

As North Face jackets can be pricey, you likely need to know how to wash a North Face jacket. To preserve the condition of the jacket, caring for it properly is important. North face creates gear for hiking, running, biking and skiing. It tends to be high performance gear that should be in top condition to perform properly. As it's worn by athletes, if it isn't in perfect condition, it won't work properly when you need it to do so. They are made of different types of materials. Gore-Tex and down are the main ones. Only wash the Gore-Tex jackets at home.

  1. To wash a Gore-Tex North Face jacket, zip up all zippers and close all of the Velcro fasteners on the jacket. Make sure that they are fastened securely.
  2. Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle and the cold water setting. Allow the machine to run until it's mostly full of cold water. Add powder detergent, the amount recommended on the packaging.
  3. Put the North Face jacket in the washing machine and wash it. Run the rinse cycle twice to make sure that there is no residue of the detergent left on the jacket.
  4. Dry the North Face jacket on a low temperature in the dryer. Do not use any fabric softeners.


  • If you need to iron the North Face jacket, use an iron on a low temperature.


  • Do not use liquid detergent to wash your North Face jacket as it will leave a residue.
  • Do not wash down jackets at home. Have them professionally cleaned.



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