How To Wash A Pea Coat

Need to know how to wash a pea coat? Washing a pea coat has to be done very delicately. Typically, a pea coat is made out of wool and can only be washed two ways. You can have you pea coat washed professionally or you can carefully wash it yourself.

What you need to wash a pea coat:

  • Dry cleaners
  • Cold water
  • Mild detergent
  • Bath tub
  • Dry towels
  1. Take the pea coat to a professional. The only absolute guarantee to wash a pea coat without damaging it is to take it to a professional. A professional dry cleaner has everything needed to care for all fabrics. Since a pea coat is made out of wool, this would be your best option.
  2. Try to wash the pea coat yourself. You can attempt washing the pea coat yourself, but it is a tricky task that must be done very carefully. Wool is a fabric that shrinks and looses its shape easily. Keep in mind that wool is also a fabric that does not require washing very often. The weave of the material is so tight that a pea coat will naturally repel most dirt. You can almost get away with never washing a pea coat.
  3. Fill up a bathtub with cold water. Hot water will immediately shrink your pea coat. Use cold water. You will need an area large enough to lay the pea coat flat in the water without any wrinkles or folds. Agitation to wool will also shrink your pea coat.
  4. Choose a mild detergent. You will need to use a very small amount of perfume free and dye free detergent. A good choice would be infant laundry detergent or a detergent like Woolite. Add about one quarter of a cup, or one capful of detergent to the cold water and mix it around to make a good solution to wash the pea coat in. There should be no soap suds.
  5. Soak the pea coat. When you wash a pea coat you are actually just soaking it for a while. There cannot be any agitation at all. Lay the pea coat in the bathtub and let the water cover it entirely. You can gently press the coat under the water so that it can absorb into the wool. Let it soak for about thirty minutes.
  6. Rinse the pea coat. Drain the water and let the cleaning solution drip out. Do not ring it out. Run cold water over the pea coat to get the soap out as best as you can and let it drain out of the coat on its own.
  7. Lay the wet pea coat on a couple of dry towels. Put a couple of towels ender the coat and a couple of towels on top of the coat. Slowly roll the towels up to get the moisture out of the pea coat. Do not twist the towels or try to ring them out.
  8. Air dry the pea coat. After the pea coat has been washed, the only way to dry it is to let the air dry it out. Lay the coat flat on a cool dry surface to dry. Occasionally flip it over so that both side get dry. This will also help dry the pea coat faster. Have patience, it will take a few days for the pea coat to be completely dry.
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