How To Wash A Plastic Kayak

Learning how to wash a plastic kayak is not too hard. Out on the water, or in transition from the water to the storage rack, these crafts sometimes acquire stains, nasty algae, and salt deposits. Following is some advice on how to wash a plastic kayak.


  • Hose with nozzle
  • Scrub brush
  • Bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Elbow grease
  • Rag
  1. First, buy all of the materials that you will need. Any store like Wal-Mart will have what you need.
  2. First, spray the kayak down. Then, give it a quick scrub with the scrub brush. This will get all loose grime, such as dirt, salt, and algae off of it, but some other debris may still be in the creases of the plastic, or it may have stains.
  3. Fill the bucket with water, and add a few squirts of soap. Stir the soap into the water, and dip the scrub brush into this. Scrub any stains that remain. It can also be a good idea to scrub the whole kayak again using soapy water.
  4. If some stains cannot be removed by the brush, take a rag, and put a little grease on it. Manually scrub the stains, with force, until they are gone. Elbow grease is pretty good at removing even tough stains from plastic kayaks.
  5. Once you have cleaned all of the grime and stains off of the kayak, rinse it with water all over. Use a dry part of the rag to remove excess grease, if necessary, and spend a few minutes spraying the spot where grease was used, and hit up the whole kayak so that it is wet and clean. Leave it to dry, and you should have a clean, dry kayak in no time.

Learning how to clean a plastic kayak is an important part of maintaining your personal craft. You should clean it after every time that you use it to keep it in tip top shape.

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