How To Wash Polyester Comforter

If you have ever wondered how to wash a polyester comforter, here is your answer. Polyester comforters are a durable choice when it comes to bedding. They are available is many size, styles, patterns, solids and prices to match any room or budget. As with all bedding, polyester comforters need to be washed. Polyester comforters should be washed every three months or sooner if they are particularly dirty or stained.

You will need:

  • Large capacity washing machine
  • Stain pre-treater
  • Laundry detergent
  1. Use a large capacity washing machine such as those found at a laundromat because a comforter needs room to move around a washing machine. If a comforter is stuffed into a smaller capacity washer, it will not get clean because the water and detergent cannot flow freely throughout the material.
  2. Apply a pre-treating stain remover to any stains on the comforter. Always test for colorfastness in a hidden spot before apply to areas which will be easily seen.
  3. Read the label on the comforter to determine the water temperature best used for the comforter. If there is no label, use cold water.
  4. Place the comforter and a gentle detergent in the washing machine and choose a heavy cycle.
  5. Read the comforter label to determine if it is dryer safe. If there is no label, hang the comforter to dry to avoid shrinkage, broken stitching and other damage.
  6. Dry the polyester comforter fully before putting it back on the bed.

Wash a polyester comforter on a regular basis to keep it clean and sanitary. If care labels are missing from the comforter, always use cold water and air dry to avoid ruining the comforter.



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