How To Wash Polyester Shirt

Need to know how to wash a polyester shirt? Polyester is such a great fabric! It is durable, fade-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and hard to shrink. If you have a polyester shirt, follow these instructions on how to wash it and it will last a long time.

To wash a polyester shirt, you will need:

  • A washing machine
  • Laundry detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • An iron
  1. Always read the labels before washing. Most polyester shirts can be washed right in the washing machine, but sometimes you will have a polyester blend that requires dry cleaning. So, before you throw your polyester shirt in the washer, make sure it is not dry clean only. If the label says "dry clean only," don't mess with it and take the garment to the cleaner's.
  2. Polyester shirts are easy to wash. If you don't have a blended fabric, you can use your washing machine at home to wash your polyester shirt. You can use virtually any laundry detergent you like. Of course, really inexpensive detergents will ruin all fabrics, even polyester.
  3. Wash your polyester shirt in warm water. Set your washer to a warm-water regular cycle. Turn the polyester shirt inside out before putting it into the washing machine. This little trick will keep the garment from fading. Use fabric softener when washing your polyester shirt. Fabric softener will keep down the static cling that polyester loves.
  4. Dry your polyester shirt. You can either dry your polyester shirt in the clothes dryer on low heat, or you can hang it to dry. A high heat in the dryer can cause polyester to shrink a little and give the garment unwanted static. Hanging the polyester shirt to dry will eliminate shrinkage and static cling.
  5. Iron your polyester shirt. If after drying your polyester shirt you think that it could use a little ironing out, set your iron on a low heat. You can use steam if you like. A light press will do the trick for a polyester shirt.
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