How To Wash Running Shoes

A simple task turns into an expensive lesson if you don’t know how to wash running shoes correctly. Running shoes are built to put up with a lot, from the constant pounding to the dog doo you stepped in last week. However, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use a little caring to keep them going. Take these precautions to stretch the lifetime of your shoes. 

To clean running shoes, you will need:

  • Basin or small tub
  • Small stiff brush
  • Mild soap or degreaser
  • Baking soda
  • Wash towel or napkins
  1. Don’t Put Running Shoes in the Washing Machine. These shoes are delicate so you can’t get lazy and throw them into an everyday washing machine. Not only can this tear the outside but it can damage the insoles and parts holding the running shoes together.
  2. Remove the insole and shoelaces. These need to be washed separately. Throw running laces in the regular wash.
  3. Take a basin of water and and mix with mild soap. If you have really tough stains, get a degreaser or a box of baking soda. There are also running shoe cleaners available on the market.
  4. Clean the insole gently. Take a toothbrush, nail brush, or small shower brush and brush in circles. Set aside to dry. Do not pin because the indentations make running uncomfortable.
  5. Clean grit and dirt off of the shoes with the brush. If needed, wipe with paper towels as you go.
  6. Place running shoes and inserts out of direct sunlight and heat to dry. You may want to stuff the shoes with newspaper as they dry. Make sure they are completely dry before you wear them.
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