How To Wash Silk Duvet

This list provides the information you need to know about how to wash your silk duvet. So, you finally splurged and got a silk duvet cover. You are now on your way to a more restful sleep and happier mornings. Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic fiber, meaning that a silk duvet will not be prone to dust mites and allergens like other fabric types, creating a healthier environment for sleeping. Silk duvets are known to regulate body temperature better than any other fiber, keeping you cooler in hotter months and warmer in cooler months.

Things you'll need:

  • Large sink or clean bathtub
  • Non-alkaline soap (optional)
  • Line to dry duvet
  1. Always follow the individual cleaning directions for your specific duvet. Silk duvets can have different care instructions. Most high quality silk duvets have a warranty and you will void the warranty if you don't follow their specific cleaning instructions.
  2. Take care to cover your silk duvet with a duvet cover. This will save you from most messy issues.
  3. Airing out your silk duvet is recommended. Washing removes valuable properties of the silk, changing its look and feel. Because silk does not retain moisture and allergens, most silk duvets can be aired out a couple times a year and be perfectly fine.
  4. If you find yourself in the position of needing your duvet cleaned, do not have it dry cleaned. The chemicals in the dry cleaning process can settle in the silk and ruin the luxurious feel and health benefits available. Find a cleaner that deals specifically with silk duvets.
  5. Only when absolutely necessary, hand wash your duvet. Only use water or non-alkaline soaps. Detergents contain cleaning agents which can harden the silk and ruin its natural properties. If you find that you must clean the entire duvet, never use a washing machine because the abrasiveness of the agitator and other items in the wash can ruin silk's texture.
  6. Hand wash in a large sink or a clean bathtub. Use only clean warm water–never hot–and be aware that some silks may suffer shrinkage depending on the type of weave and if the silk was preshrunk prior to sewing. Washing with just water can change the color and texture of your duvet, so a test wash on a small section to see if you will be happy with the change. Do not wring silk while wet.
  7. Hang and air dry. Dryers are not recommended and never hang your silk duvet in hot weather.
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