How To Wash Ski Gear

Are you wondering how to wash ski gear? Special cleaning and waterproofing products are available to wash ski gear and other types of outdoor protective clothing. These products are specially formulated to ensure your outdoor clothing will be clean, breathable and still repel water and moisture. Do not use laundry detergent. Even a mild detergent may damage the water repellant surface on ski gear.

These cleaning products deemed best to use for ski gear. Follow the manufacturers instructions on how to use their product.

  1. Use Nikwax Tech Wash on the cold regular cycle. Use with a sponge to pretreat before washing for tough stains. Nikwax is a non detergent soap. Will not damage DWR.
  2. Penguin Sport Wash. This product is non-allergenic and residue free, restores breathability, DWR and moisture wicking.
  3. ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner. This non toxic water based cleaner is great for high tech fabric on a delicate warm wash cycle or hand washed.
  4. Grangers G-Wash Cleaner or Grangers G-Wash Cleaner Plus HC.  This non detergent soap will clean ski gear well in a cold cycle in your washer. Grangers has a residue free formula in their products. These products are available at a number of on line stores.
  5. Atsko Sport Wash. This is a sport wash residue free detergent that cleans and deoderizes. This company says its detergent costs less than most commercial laundry detergents. Restores waterproofing.

Waterproofing products deemed best to use for ski gear in the washer

  1. Nikwax TX Direct. Immediately rewash on the cold regular cycle with TX Direct after using wash product. Put the Nikwax in the dispenser, not directly on or over the clothing.

Spray On Waterproofing Products

  1. ReviveX Spray On Water Repellent. Spray and tumble dry in the dryer. Choose a low heat setting.
  2. Atsko Permanent Water Guard. This is a water guard for all washable fabrics.



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