How To Wash Snowboard Jacket

Wondering how to wash snowboard jackets? These are big, bulky, and expensive, and they do require some special care when it comes to cleaning. It is not necessary to wash snowboard jackets after every use. Only clean it at the end of the season or when it has become dirty. You don't want to put any extra wear into your jacket by washing it too much.

The following is some supplies needed to wash snowboard jackets:

  • water
  • mild laundry soap
  • soft cloth
  1. If it is just a small stain or spill you are trying to wash out, try dampening a soft cloth in warm water with a little drop of mild liquid laundry soap on it and gently scrub the spot. If the spill is fresh this should remove it. Make sure to rinse the soap off with a dampened clean cloth.
  2. When you want to wash the entire snowboard jacket, place in the washing machine and use cold water on a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach and do not dry clean: these will cause damage.
  3. When washing machine cycle is complete hang the snowboard jacket to dry. If you place the snowboard in the dryer it could melt some of its fabric and cause major damage. You also don't want to iron it, for this will cause major damage also.

Now that you know how to wash a snowboard jacket, yours should look like new again and be ready for another snowboarding adventure.

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