How To Wash Snowboard Pants

It is important to know how to wash snowboard pants appropriately, because they are expensive and you don't want to ruin them. It is hard to believe that your snowboard pants will get dirty, but they often do. You don't have to wash them a lot, but sometimes it is necessary if you had spilled something on them, you got overheated and they made you sweat, or maybe you just want to put them away because snowboarding season is over.

Here is what you will need to wash snowboard pants appropriately:

  • warm water
  • water repellant finish spray
  • mild powdered detergent
  • washing machine
  • dryer
  1.  Wash snowboard pants only when needed. It is not necessary to wash them after every time you wear them. They are expensive and somewhat delicate. They really don't get dirty enough to wash every time.
  2. Run them through the washing machine. using a mild powdered detergent and warm water. Use the delicate cycle if you have one. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. Do not bleach, dry clean, or use fabric softener, these things will damage the snowboard pants.
  3. Place snowboard pants on dryer and tumble on warm. You can also hang them to dry if possible. Make sure the heat on the dryer is not too high or the snowboard pants will burn. Only leave them in the dryer long enough to get dry. Ironing snowboard pants will also burn them, so it is not recommended.
  4. Use a water repellant finish spray periodically to maintain the snowboard pants. Snowboard pants do not require a lot of work and it is fairly easy to wash them.
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