How To Wash Soccer Field Equipment

Learning how to wash soccer field equipment is important because you want the field to look impressive when you play on it and you want to keep your gear looking new and professional. Soccer fields usually consist of two goals with nets, four flags in each corner, and some soccer balls. This soccer field equipment is, for the most part, fairly simple to wash. You should also take care when you wash the equipment that you wear on the field, including your cleats, shin guards, socks, jersey, and shorts.

  1. To wash soccer field equipment, you will need a hose with a nozzle and something to wipe with. For the two goals, start by turning the hose on jet or high pressure, and then spray them down starting from the top and working your way down. You can wipe it down with a towel or sponge after spraying it if you want to, but this typically is not necessary. The same process can be done for cleaning the flags in each corner of the field and the soccer balls.
  2. Some soccer field equipment will require soap and scrubbing. For the goal nets, you should take them down and clean them more thoroughly than you cleaned the goal. Soapy water will usually do the trick, and you can also clean it in a washing machine if you have access to one for washing soccer field equipment. Soapy water can also be used to clean the flags and soccer balls if they are very dirty.
  3. Your personal soccer field equipment that you wear should be washed more carefully. Be sure to check the tags on your soccer jersey and shorts. Some jerseys and shorts will be delicate and should either be hand washed or washed on delicate. For those that are not delicate, you can wash them with a regular load of laundry. However, if they are extremely dirty then you should wash them in their own separate load. To dry them, you should let them hang up somewhere so you do not shrink anything.
  4. Soccer field equipment such as socks, cleats, and shin guards should be washed separately. This is usually the dirtiest and sweatiest equipment that you will own, so it should be washed the most heavily and should not be with the other equipment. Make sure you do not dry cleats or shin guards so as to prevent shrinking.
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